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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Political expediency of Indian liberals

Yesterday I posted a rhetorical question on social media whether Modi has uttered a word on the gruesome killing of a human, on the mere suspicion that the family had beef stored in their fridge. That would be naive to expect that thug to show any remorse. He until this day never showed any regret at the murder of humanity that he committed in Gujarat. A more regretful than the criminal's silence is lack of visible outrage from so called secular politicians. Where are those communists, who were vile while undermining the government of Manmohan Singh. Maybe the extant of rabid forces ultimately lies at the door of those liberals who for mere political expediency chose to ignore clear signs of impending doom. History will never forgive that rascal Prakash Karat when he chose to part company during the first term of UPA government merely based on perceived bruises to his ego. 

Or for that matter, when thugs of Hinduvta placed the most brilliant artist that India produced under siege. No liberal politician raised a single ruckus, when MF Hussain was forced to go into exile. Even so called educated idiots that I personally know tried to rationalize that shameful episode, a blot on Indian nation in most asinine manner. It is for those omissions and commissions of so called liberals, the country has come under the siege by thugs of Modi, because they let those thugs to flourish.
-Rajiv Kumar

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