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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Modi and his apologists

Those Indians, who never stop fawning at anything their beloved leader Narendra Modi does, can hardly be in a state, for the lack of reasoning, to understand that creating a park or making a highway does not make a leader. It would be too much to ask them if they ever bothered to see a parallel between Modi and a European dictator.  He, besides, building autobahns also presided over the holocaust that eliminated over six million Jews.  In 2002, Modi presided over a holocaust of his own in Gujrat and the passage of time can in no way dilute or lessen those deliberate acts of omission and commission. It is sheer travesty to see that he instead of facing law for his crimes against humanity should be poised to win another term as a Chief Minister in Gujrat. Notwithstanding, endorsements from those phony industrialists, whose morals are never spoilt by anything other than money making, Modi will never be remembered for anything other than an abettor of the worst communal violence that resulted not only in killing of thousands of Muslims but sending rest to the ghettos.  He presided over and directly abetted in causing the worst communal mayhem in Gujrat. Conviction of Maya Kodnani, a close ally and a minister in his government hardly leaves any doubt about involvement of Modi himself in crimes committed during those riots. It is not only the crimes per se but a thuggish manner that he and acolytes went after people who implicated him in those horrendous acts. He may run away for now and he may have his apologists in abundance, but in all probability at the end he will never escape from the sins of letting humans burnt alive. They never escape and Modi and his ilk will also not. Neither did Milošević, Karadžić and Mladić.