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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Gujarat model

The gruesome killing of Mohd Akhlaq on the mere suspicion of beef consumption, howsoever, shocking was not completely unforeseen. Modi's rise to power was solely predicated on his criminal role in the 2002 riots in Gujarat. Notwithstanding his and his followers claims, Modi's utterances from those times are testament to his overt and covert role in instigating and fanning those mayhems under his own watch. His notoriety in those riots was something that caught fancy of Indian majority and catapulted him into power in Delhi. The Gujarat model and those dreams of development are nothing more than empty hokums. The only Gujarat model he and his henchmen and those thugs in Nagpur have in mind are the massacres of 2002; they are doing their utmost to implement that seditious design at country wide level. Gullible might have been sold to one after another shallow gimmicks of Modi, they should be assured that once he and his henchmen are done with minorities, they, the gullible, will be the only ones left to be targeted by the thugs. That time there will be none to come to their rescue. The ideal of India would be long dead.
-Rajiv Kumar