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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The unfolding nightmarish scenarios

The inevitability is already there. After mid May it is very likely a man, who acts, speaks and appears like a criminal, will head the largest democracy in the world. Although he tried hard to camouflage his rabidity under a cloak of so called progress and development but his dagger keeps slipping out into the open. Then his incorrigible henchmen are always there to rain on his parade with one telling his opponents to migrate to Pakistan and another one asked Muslims not to venture into the Hindu areas. Yet another topped by declaring destruction of Pakistan after ascension of the man to power, who incidentally was on the stage at the time, grinning I guess, at least mentally. 

If that scenario wasn't nightmarish enough, then one just needs to ruminate about the people who will be manning the impending Modi regime. There is that Amit Shah, his racketeer in chief in Gujarat, who besides having been recently banished from campaigning, excelled in arranging fake encounters. Though the pliant election commission rescinded its ban, lest revenge be too hard once elections are over. Shah's name prominently figured in Ishrat Jahan Ara murder case and many others until he was sent by his Fuehrer to manipulate India's largest state for him through rampant bigotry and communalism. Then that one-man train wreck, the ex-army chief cannot be discounted either, who for the first time in the history of India scared an elected government through what tantamount to staging of a coup. His raison d'être was that the government of the day did not accept his manipulation of the date of his birth and let him continue to in the office for another two years. But then his roguishness was all over the place and his softness for hinduvta did not long come into open. If nothing else, there will always be the shadow of one of the most sinister persons ever to set foot on this planet. The agenda of Subramaniam Swami besides demolition of all mosques in India includes disenfranchising those Muslims who fail to declare their Hindu ancestry. Nobody can discount Yoga swindler either, least for the comic absurdity of those pretenders.

Then there are mainstream leaders of the party still to be counted who apparently attained the stature of statesmen once Modi became their leader. Bigotry of Advanis, Joshis, Jaitleys and others pale in comparison to his acolytes and Modi himself. Otherwise the damage they did to Indian polity during their time in the government was enormous. It took poor Arjun Singh an entire term from 2004 to 2009 to undo the damage done to educational syllabi by Murli Manohar Joshi and his accomplices at human resources ministry during that period when those right wing fanatics were in power. During their earlier term they were not only sinister but also proved to be contemptuously incompetents. The fiasco during the handling of hijacking and those foolishly immature statements of Advani remain ever refreshing to remember. And now elevation of a man who presided over and abetted killings in Gujarat to the top leadership position has provided credibility to his incompetently sinister colleagues.

One would think nightmare ends there but it doesn't. As of now Modi is debarred from entering the US.   That ban will go away if in a nightmarish scenario he really become Prime Minister, as business takes precedence over human rights. But that doesn't mean that a literal Damocles sword will not hang over his head whenever he ventures abroad, Europe in particular. Former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni even during her time in the government avoided Europe due to warrants issued by a London court. And the arrest of Pinochet during his visit to London does not bode well for you know whom!