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Friday, August 31, 2012

Bloated Ignorants

They admire Narender Modi, who not only abetted and presided over worst communal riots in India; he also turned out to be an idiot. But they can't help themselves seeing in him a saviour. Every time a Muslim does something admirable they start seeing conspiracy; they see conspiracy in everything, I guess, even in their own existence. That is how they chose to interpret Aamir Khan's media show. They support dubious people with their blatantly illogical reasons. They find virtues in one of the most dubious Indian army men, V.K. Singh, who now it turns out was running an illegal intelligence unit. They are even against Obama; they don't know why. They feed each other with their ignorance. They are communally bent Indians with their bloated ignorant intellects. 
-Rajiv Kumar