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Monday, June 23, 2008

Oil prices

Here it is again the same pathetic cycle. No matter what OPEC does the price are following only one track. That track is defying gravitation and moves only upwards. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown who has been considered as economic 'wunderkid' and has been given all sort of epithets for being the mainstay of economic success bares all his ignorance by stating it is the supply-demand and not the speculators that is the reason of all upward sky-rocketing of prices. That comes no surprise. Wasn't it the doyen of blinded market economy Alan Greenspan who in his memiors fawned over the brilliance of more senior 'my friend' Gordon Brown. Mercifully, we will see the back of brilliant 'my friend' Brown in next election. But that is only a small portion of the ignorance being spread by the small men who are, nevertheless, rulers of the day. The smallness is in vogue or has been now for eight years now. No since the year 2000 it got firmly entrenched, in small measures it was always trying to make room for itself. Coming back to that disastrous year 2000 when a small man was heralded as the leader of the most powerful country. In the first instance he was selected by the highest court in US and subsequently in a most illogic manner was confirmed by US electrorate for another term in 2004. That small man was none other than George Bush. It is no consolation that his term is coming to an end. The legacy of his damage to the entire world will endure for much longer to come.

A quick check, how on this earth a man fraught with a flawed vision could lure 59,054,087 voters to vote for him after four years of incompetency and dishonesty. I think one the reasons could be that John Kerry in 2004 tried to outdo the man himself in stupidy and went out clinging gun on his shoulder to demonstrate he is as conservative as his legendary fumbing opponent. He cringed when Bush called him a liberal in the third presidential debate followed by a mistake of gargantuanal proportion by naming Dick Chenney's daughter in a show of support for gay rights. Why is any body ashamed of being called liberal. Isn't liberalism more nobel than treachrous and intolerant conservatism?

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