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Monday, October 5, 2015

Inhabitants of gutter

It had been only six months that Indira Gandhi had been voted out power in 1977 when 11 dalits were burnt alive in Belchi. While, the jokers of Morarji Desai government busy tearing each other apart, Indira Gandhi visited the affected area atop an elephant. That already marked the turning point leading to downfall of first non-Congress government two years later and the ultimate return of Indira Gandhi to power. That Janata government experiment provided the first opportunity for the thugs of Hinduvta to infilitrate bureaucracy and other echelons of establishment at every level as Jan Sangh, a forerunner of BJP, was a constituent of that ill-fated Janata conglomerate. Only if dumb leaders of today's Congress party had taken a leaf out Indira Gandhi's life and had openly condenmed the lynching of poor pious family man and visited the family in Dadri. The place was so close to Delhi, they didn't even need to rent an elephant. Even that despicable Shashi Tharoor, who at one time had got into non-stop chanting of paeans in Modi's worship, has not spared a thought for the victims. No wonder, it is the monsters like the uncultured minister of Modi or a third rate ideologue setting the vicious agenda for the discussion so that everyone else is dragged to their habitats in gutters.
-Rajiv Kumar

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