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Sunday, July 19, 2015

The demented intellect

Without intervening directly or altering democratic institutions, Modi has embarked on a devilish scheme of rendering those institutes irrelevant through mediocre and partisan appointments. Such appointments at the helm of premier institutes of education will ensure that future generations share jaundiced and lopsided views of Modi and his henchmen much long after he has left the arena. The process had started much before Modi assumed power in Delhi; the events had started in that direction very early on. The remarkable now is the brazenness with which the regime is proceeding to complete its agenda of thuggishness. While those involved in the genocide in Gujarat are being set free and the ones who stood for the victims are being victimized. When attacked by the thugs of Modi, the residents of Gulbarg Society sought shelter at the residence of Ahsan Jafri a former Congress member of parliament. Little did they know that thugs would not only murder them but also Ahsan Jafri. While courts through sleight of judicial trickery never indicted Modi; even the convicted criminals for their part in those riots are out of jails and the officials with either direct involvement in riots or charged with simple dereliction of their duties are now benign rewarded. In a just world it should be Modi who should have been sharing cells with likes of Maya Kodnani but in the real world, the thuggish regime is leaving nothing to chance to send Teesta Setalvad to prison. Her crime, she sought justice for the victims of Gujarat genocide for which Modi until this day never uttered a word of remorse. The closest he came was to compare those who died in that massacre under his watch with puppies run over by a speeding vehicle. Though I would not spend too much time protesting that remark knowing the demented intellect that harbors his empty brain.

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