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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pathetic Shashi Tharoor

Whenever I see Shashi Tharoor's name, a quote attributed to John Quincy Adam comes to mind, which is "an erudition without a measurable grace is worthless". Recently he has been a subject of huge adulation for his performance at an academic debate at Oxford University. He was articulate with total command of facts. Just for the record, that debate was purely academic and the British government is not anytime soon going to hand over reparations to India just because Shashi Tharoor apparently won that debate. A pertinent but crucial issue that merits consideration is that where was his articulation and erudition when he was a member of previous UPA government. If anyone remembers during that time all he did was to embarrass himself and his government. Now ever since the ascendancy of Modi to power, all Shashi Tharoor has been doing is to shamelessly ingratiate himself with Modi who is running a bigoted, divisive and retrograde government. If Shashi Tharoor were a true scholar, he wouldn't become an apologist for the regime that loathes scholarship.

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