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Monday, June 29, 2015

Selfie, yoga and an idiot

When Modi became Prime Minister with an unprecedented  majority for his rabid right wing party of fundamentalists, I was afraid he would lead the country to a disaster. Those are fears that are definitely coming true, but for an entirely different causation, which is plain and simple. The plain and unembellished fact is that he is a vacuous idiot. His solutions to country's unhealthy hygiene was to photograph equally dumb socialites of the society at a few places with brooms in their hands and stupid smiles on their faces. And to tackle female foeticide, he has come with an idea of selfies with daughters. I am still not able to fathom the reason for him lying down and comically rolling over at Rajpath, a few days back, on a yoga mat. He might be a fool but he perhaps had an early realization that the place is ungovernable, otherwise buffoons would not have voted for a buffoon. 

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