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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

March of dementedness

When Modi and his brigade took power in May last year, all I thought was that they will use cowardice to propagate their agenda of divisiveness and thuggery. They, while paying homage to Gandhi, will revere Godse; while talking development, they will start imposing their obscurantist world view on the country. As it turned out as a matter of fact they have done all that until now and one can easily perceive that they have just started and any  prophecy about shape of things at the fruition of their retrograde diligence can be anything but dreadful. What I never foresaw was level of their utter dementedness, which would end up embarrassing the entire country.

Hard it may be, but it is inconceivable that Modi didn't believe his utterances about  plastic surgery and genetics in ancient India. He was talking to surgeons and physicians. The inclusion of a session on Vedic science in Indian Science Congress where right wing leaning pseudo scientists pronounced prevalence of interplanetary airplanes in ancient India that too seven thousands years ago. That must have been hard for those scientists and academics of Indian origin who not so long ago were admiring every word that Modi rambled in Madison Square. Foolish utterances of those in the Modi government and his party have attained a comically predictable certainty.

Those developments might have come as a shock bordering on disgust to those who believed in that humbug of promised growth and progress. Had they predicated their government agenda on those premises, the education of the country would not have been put in the hands of a semi-literate person who would be appointing appointing directors and ordering vice-chancellors of premier institutes of education. Nations that value education never confuse mythology with history or even pertinently with science. If they really believed in religion they would be humble and not full of ignorant certitude. Alas, all they have in their agenda is implementation of their narrow demented ideas. Theirs is a march of dementedness with which they are hell bent on deluging the entire country.

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