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Friday, May 30, 2014

Ascendency of a descendent

On 30th January 1948, when Gandhi fell to the assassin's bullets, the head quarters of Hindu rabid organization RSS burst into celebrations all over India. When the country went into mourning, they were feeding each other sweets. They had all the reasons in the world for strutting around that despicably. The killer of Mahatma came from their ranks. And now more than a three score years later a person who owes his existence to that rabid organization has become prime minister of the same country for which Gandhi gave his life. One only wishes he had spared the farce of visiting the memorial of Gandhi and instead had laid a wreath in memory of Godse, the killer of Gandhi. At least his silent supporters are not holding back and they immediately peddled themselves to the gloating planet, like all their prayers have been answered and their liberator is at their doorsteps to release them from ten years of misery. They are descendants of those who wept at the death of Mahatma; they are celebrating ascendancy of a descendant of Godse. May be dimwits do not even get it!

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