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Saturday, November 2, 2013

A march of the cowards

With every passing day a web of outright lies and subtle untruths, deception and demagoguery is thickening around a person who by law of any civilized land on this planet should have been long before disqualified from electoral politics and put in a prison for the overt and covert crimes committed by him during and post 2002 communal riots in Gujarat. Most of the gushing acolytes of Narendra Modi wear themselves out by repeatedly reciting the mantra that courts never found him guilty. What about Maya Kodnani who happened to be a close aide of Modi and has been convicted for orchestrating murder and mayhem? What about those on the record diabolical statements of Modi during those dark days when hundreds of innocents were being murdered and thousands were sent to the camps? And did any of his supporters bothered to know the fate of the officials who had courage to tell truth about Modi who is now trying pose himself a born again messiah? And did he ever even remotely subject himself a luxury of being remorseful for the loss and destruction of lives under his watch? 

Instead of any contrition he has embarked on the same ugly trail of deception, conceit and lies to become head of the government of the whole country. The most disconcerting feature that has marked his campaign of usurpation is the unleashing of utter lies and use of communal politics without any consideration  for any ethics or principles or proprietaries. The abominable campaign being conducted by Modi is not another run of the mill electoral practice, it is rather based on the tactic of spreading and repeating falsehood as used by fascists all over the world. With a scant respect for the facts, his campaign has been playing havoc with historical facts. Nevertheless, in reality Modi and his supporters can be nothing but bunch of cowards. 

Modi and the Hindu extremist organization to which he belongs have always believed in ideology that is diametrically opposite to that of Mahatma Gandhi and for that very reason Gandhi was murdered in a plot hatched by people adhering to that ideology of hinduvta. Following the murder of Gandhi, head quarters of their organizations had scenes of jubilation. And Modi is product of that ideology. If he were not a coward he would have campaigned on the platform of ideology that killed Gandhi. Instead he is shamelessly trying to own Gandhi. Had Gandhi not died on that thirtieth January of 1948, he would certainly have died during the 2002 riots in Gujrat and most certainly after listening to distortion of everything that Mahatma ever stood. All Modi and his bunch have now embarked is nothing but a march of the cowards and the irony is that they might even succeed.
-Rajiv Kumar

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