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Monday, March 21, 2011

Inertia-induction and causes

I never had anticipated that I would not write for four months at a stretch but that exactly happened. I went to India in February for two weeks. It was my first such trip in six years and I had all the anticipation and excitement build up much before even I started preparing for the travel itself. Then what I saw, I observed and I felt in India I could never ever have anticipated and nobody could ever have prepared me for it and much less even warned me. Those observations continue to reverberate in my head and within my hollowed soul and hence my reluctance to hit the key-board. I don't think I can bring myself to write about that trip without irrevocably alienating my cherished friends, relations and acquaintances, hence, I defer the venture to a later date. Nevertheless, at the very least I can add that howling over wikileaks disclosures about Indian affairs in India, or Sarah Palin being feted at an exclusive conclave in India do not surprise me anymore. But I refrain to lay any boisterous claim to any attained wisdom; bafflement comes close to explaining the inexplicable.   

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