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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The 'My Name is Khan' emperor is naked

No sooner had I finished watching movie My name is Khan than my mind started buzzing with the phrase 'The emperor is naked' and it took me more than usual to figure out that the phrase is appropriate for the movie itself. Let me come straight to the point, the movie is banal, it is intellectually bankrupt, it is ill conceived, the acting is mediocre at its best and it is grossly over-rated. The film-makers have been ingenious in using Shiv-sena for generating publicity otherwise even gods could not have saved it and certainly they would never watch it but they certainly must be wondering at all around eulogies of mediocrity and ignorance and would never even deign to be proud of it. Seeing SRK in the guise of a so-called Aspergers syndrome patient reminded me of a quip by the Pakistani journalist Ahmed Rashid on his meeting with mostly maimed Afghan cabinet during Taliban regime one didn't know whether to cry or laugh or both. On a lighter note, my guess is SRK already developed the syndrome in the film Veer-Zara and it went unnoticed; a timely treatment at that time would have spared the film viewers from the agony of a fraudulent MNIK. The film-makers didn't show the the 'rikshah' in which man with the Aspergers syndrome reached flood infested region, which seemed to be more like 24-pargana district of West Bengal than a US state beyond reach of US federal government and only a sick man could reach. Had film makers confined themselves to the topic of Aspergers syndrome, the result would still have been plausible but to use it as a champion for rehabilitation and projection of moderate Muslims has ended in a complete farce. A single dialogue from Vishal Bhardwaj's 'Ishqiya' would demolish entire edifice of MNIK. I hope idiots don't start talk about Oscars for it. Kajol might learn something about acting from Vidya Balan's performance in Ishqiya and SRK can do same from Naseerudin Shah or Arshad Warsi. SRK should limit himself to playing idiotic Raj and anything more would be sacrilege. The rave reviews for MNIK in Indian press tells a lot about the idiots who freely masquerade as critics.

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