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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Clueless Obama: Can presidency still be redeemed?

If happenings of the past few weeks are any indication then the neo-cons must be suddenly feeling invigorated for no fault of theirs. Democrats managed to let unthinkable happen. The senate seat held by John F. Kennedy and later on passed to Edward Kennedy was gloriously surrendered to once center-page nude-model turned latter day conservative. Edward Kennedy manage to hold that seat even at the peak of republican revolution when Mitt Romney almost came close to unseat him. With that loss, crucially, democrats lost their filibuster proof majority and, if one is to believe all the what corporate controlled media has to say, Obama's agenda is lost too. One might even have an audacity to ask, if there ever, was any agenda. However, except for its symbolic negativism, the loss in itself, in the long run might turn out to be beneficial and even to some extent resuscitate unravelling presidency and save it from turtling down the Carter highway. Not too long ago, Clinton with democratic congress could hardly identify the ground from which to govern only came back to beat republicans on their own only after Gingrich revolution. Far from becoming irrelevant Clinton with republican congress could oversee largest and longest economic growth and with his much ridiculed small-time initiatives did change lives of millions and even survived himsel his own unfathomable untruth. Does Obama have audacity to perform at a level where he can gain trust of moderate republicans? Only answer to that question can tell whether down the decades he will be remembered as only as a the first black president or more than that. An honest and rapid response on performance in the first year would be a low dismal.

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